We have a bold presence in the precious production and trade of Olive Oil in the international arena.

We are proud of producing high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Sustainably grown olive produce, fresh, Extra Virgin Olive Oil which stands out as unique dipping oil:
  • Enhancing vegetables and salads
  • Adding depth and captivating flavor to pasta, chicken, fish and meat
  • Providing a healthy substitute for butter in baked goods
Our Oil is produced in the heart of the North area of Lebanon, where grooves exists for decades. We are ISO 22000;2005 Certified for Production and Packaging. Our Brand OLIVIAS is ready to be exported worldwide. We maintain the best quality supply chain, delivering our product worldwide and protecting it in a way to reach our client in the best, fast and with the same high quality.
Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is freshly cold pressed fruit juice, maintained in a fresh environment, not affected but sun light, which gives it the highest quality produce in the region.
Our EVOO, is bottled and packed as per the following: bottles of 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, 1 Lit, 3 lit, 16 lit and in drums as per our worldwide client’s requirements. 
As per our client’s requirements, and in their own style, maintaining their brand image, we offer them the packaging they want. They can choose to pack in their own brand name, using their bottle design and box outfit.
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