Trading & Distribution

We invest in our trading and distribution activities to improve our services and overall
business reach.

General trading: We have a wide reach in supplying customers with the best products as per their requirements:

Food products: We offer a One Stop Supply Solution of quality products after careful consideration of the customer’s requests and specifications:

  • Commodities: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Rice, Maize Flower, Vegetable Oil, Milk, Salt, Soya Bean.
  • Frozen foods: Whole Chicken and Chicken cuts, Beef, Pork, Hens quality frozen food...

As a result of our extensive reach and big experience in the market, “BERTRA Comércio Geral” has built international connections to target its consumers in the most convenient of ways. We represent international groups and company’s in Africa to help them identify the best business module to expend their businesses and industries.

  • Food product representation and distribution: Link international producers with potential local wholesalers.
  • Packaging material distribution: The packaging quality is considered as valuable for it ensures betterconsidered as valuable for it..